Gifted Education


Our vision is to be an exemplary gifted program, to advocate for and meet the needs of each student in the North Dade Gifted Program, and to be an inspiration to all gifted educators.


The mission of the Center for Creative Learning (CCL) is to provide gifted middle school students with a challenging and safe environment that encourages lifelong learning and proactive involvement in our changing global society.

Gifted Program Goals

  • To increase public awareness of the academically gifted program including student characteristics and needs, appropriate programs, and applicable rules and procedures.
  • To identify all students in need of services.
  • To implement staff development and support to provide quality educational planning for gifted students.
  • To meet the diverse needs of gifted students through a continuum of service delivery models.
  • To ensure parent involvement in educational program decisions related to the continuum of service delivery models.
  • To provide continuous assessment through Education Plans to ensure that the needs of individual students are being met.

Center for Creative Learning Program

Toward this end, the Center for Creative Learning Program offers: Rigorous academic curriculum that promotes high levels of student achievement. Meaningful activities that foster self-esteem and acceptance through stimulating intellectual challenge. Opportunities for exploration and development of creativity through student choices. Access to advanced technology integrated into curriculum and instruction